Samsung Unlock Code database 2

Samsung Unlock Code database 2

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Samsung Phone Unlocking

Does your phone say 'SIM not accepted' / 'Enter special code' or similar when you put a SIM card in? This means it's locked to one service provider.

Do you want to use your phone on a different network? Do you want to make big savings on changing network that offer better deals? It will probably need unlocked!

We can unlock the following phones in a speedy fashion time of usually 1 - 24hours we can provide you with an unlock code 99.9% of the time without you needing to send your phone away and give you clear and very easy to follow instructions

(if your phone isn't listed contact us new phones are being added all the time)

Samsung S10  , S9 , S8 , S7 , S6 , S5 , S4 , A90 , A80 , A70 , A60 , A50 , A40 , A30 , A20 , A10 J9 , J8 , J7 , J6 , J5 , J4 , J3 , J3 , Note 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and all other Samsung Phones to date
This Service is €16.00 per phone that are currently locked any irish network, Please contact us If you have a samsung phone from overseas outside of Ireland as we need to get more details from your handeset

Please note if you are using a dual sim handset, 2 codes maybe required, in 99.9% of the time one 1 code is needed

If you are ready to make an order you can go ahead and purchase the €16 unlock service on this page, You will then need to send us your IMEI number if you have not already done so

After completing your purchase an E-mail with your 8 digit unlock code will be emailed to you on the account email address  you supplied in your checkout



1. Turn on your phone with a non accepted Sim Card.
2. Enter the unlock code and press Enter.
3. The device is unlocked.

 Don't hesitate to contact us at any time

Kind regards 

SmartTech Direct